Babyliss UK emerge from the mouth of strange words, then looked consternation on her cheek, Babyliss Pro scowled palms clasping her hands cool and mysterious piece of jade: "? Do you know this stuff," deep absorption mouthful of cold air, and looked Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl cheek fickle. After a long time, just one bite Yinya, trot to the side, whispered:. ".? this jade, where you are to the '' when the family migrated to the elders, so I keep 'Babyliss UK looking at children that strange look, head deeper wrinkle some, Chen Sheng said: "how?" "So that is the key to this part of the East xiaojia grip, but it was the ancient Emperor Tuo round jade" Babyliss Pro UK eyes tight watching jade hand, rapid heart tide of the general idea of the crest, after a long while, she slowly close your eyes. When opened soon, in the eyes of consternation has been gradually dull. "Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, this ancient emperor Yu Tuo homes, you do not come up in the future. Remember, any person in any front." Babyliss Pro clasped hands, look on the cheek with a touch of unprecedented solemnly. "Although perhaps know this stuff on this continent, only a handful of people, but if they are pregnant with someone else knows your house ancient Emperor Yu Tuo, then fear will immediately provoke a fatal disaster. Even this South College, also might be jealous shot. "Babyliss Curl low voice said, it seems to go for fear of being overheard in general. Babyliss Curl Secret is dignified face a lot. Palm holding this mysterious jade, a hint of warm heart from the dissemination and transfer him to maintain a calm moment. Nodded his head, he whispered: "Why is this thing called the Jade Emperor Tuo ancient homes it's not what I xiaojia patriarch status symbol.?" Babyliss UK nodded and whispered:. "After these long years now Xiao Xu no one knows the ins and outs of this piece of jade. So just word of mouth will follow it as a keepsake patriarch. "that it what is the origin? Hear you say so, this so-called ancient Emperor Yu Tuo homes seems a very great thing? How it will be in my xiaojia being; "Babyliss Pro Chen Sheng asked.

"Far more than a great" heart smile a cry, Babyliss Pro is shook his head:. "Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, because some reason, now I can not tell you so many things otherwise, without the slightest benefit to you if you believe Babyliss Miracurl, then it Do not listen to me again in the future to come up with this piece of jade in front of anybody. "frown into a line, Babyliss Curl looking at that with a little bit of begging on the cheek after a soft heart for a moment, only sigh and nodded. Hand over the pages, that it would be extremely mysterious piece of jade incorporated into the ring being satisfied. See the jade good income Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, Babyliss UK sigh of relief, whispered: "Babyliss Perfect Curl, though exceedingly keep it in your hands this ancient emperor Yu Tuo homes are not complete, the same hidden extremely large amounts of energy. and magic. but until now faithfully Xiao elders can store just developed a soul imprint of this trivial function in the future, maybe it will give you a great help. "Babyliss Pro nodded, staring eyes Shining for a time, but the two are suddenly fell silent. It does get a bit uncomfortable silence covered the atmosphere, especially at that shining sight Babyliss Curl Secret, Babyliss Curl heart could not help appearing hint of a smile. Sigh together, looked up and looked straight Babyliss Curl Secret, gentle voice and said: "Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, something that I really hide a lot, you can believe Babyliss Miracurl, it definitely does not have the slightest harm," "believe, as long as I have the strength to wait Babyliss Perfect Curl. contend with the cloud - lan. I will tell everything you all, including the forces behind Babyliss UK, and the origin and Xiao. "eyes firmly fixed on Babyliss Pro UK, after a good long while, Babyliss Pro slowly nodded his head palm rubbing his children head. Deep said: "Well, I'm waiting for you all my tray that day." Then, he is the first to turn around, facing straight down the stairs. Babyliss UK disappear in the floor looking at the back, Babyliss Miracurl smile a cry again, biting Yinya whispered:. "Oh, do not forget the task of re-pipe family, let me take away from the hands Babyliss Curl Secret" Tuo homes ancient emperor jade ", I can not. anyway, no one else knows this tribe should Babyliss Pro UK guess it will be in the hands."

Among the dark room, light from the window and into the moonlight sway at the somewhat dim illumination of the room dim. Babyliss Pro plate sitting on the bed, the full power of the soul out of the broken body, the soul of this perception inside and outside the room is wrapped in one. Every room in the dark, all by its back and forth searching for. And so cautious lasted nearly ten minutes later, Babyliss Curl bomb just a dark ring. Suddenly, a faint ray of light float, after a moment, condensed into old figure, "teacher" Babyliss Miracurl figure. Babyliss Perfect Curl mouth of a move. Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl is waved, muses: "I know you want to ask and that" the ancient emperor Yu Tuo homes. "Things about, but this is something that even I can only vaguely heard of the idea is never seen," Wen words, Babyliss Curl Secret little bit disappointed, tentatively said: "? the teacher can know what is what." "I can tell you is that this ancient emperor Yu Tuo homes, perhaps thousands of years ago and that some ancient emperor Tuo homes relationship "Babyliss Pro long silence, just slowly said. Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl hesitated furans mouth with a repeat the name, after a moment, some doubts and said:. "? Is a man," "may God have called too" Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl sighed, with an inexplicable fear . Heart startled, Babyliss Miracurl throat rolling a bit, naturally know, the world does not have any gods. If that is so, it was only a few vindictive practice to be able to compete with the day's peak of the realm of creatures. "Do not, Babyliss UK is a fighting Emperor?" The last word, Babyliss Curl Secret sound is a little shiver. On this continent, no matter who, as long as the time to bring this represents an unparalleled and supreme pinnacle of the word, will not help the heart is an awe. . "Ah" Babyliss Curl soul body is shaking a few times at the moment, deep voice echoed in the room: "Sacred strong grudge fight on the continent may be rare, but it is extremely difficult to fight the Emperor appears that insurmountable. obstacles are sadly retreat. abandoned to have been lost in ancient times aside, today's era, in addition to thousands of years ago the ancient emperor who tuo Scotia mainland, to my knowledge, is yet to come second, "" holy struggle and fight although the first-order difference Emperor, but were bad days to do so many years, those with qualifications peak of the strong impact of the territory, but ultimately ended in failure. "

"And you hand the" Jade Emperor Tuo ancient homes, "perhaps that is part of the legacy of legends who Tuo homes ancient emperor thing, right? Although its exact purpose is not clear, but look at the appearance, but it's also a small part, but it is just the name of the former owner of the head, that is strong enough to motivate the continent come to snatch rush, so that you do not come up with your girlfriend to let this thing in front of anyone, or have some reason of. "Babyliss Pro some solemn face is obvious, he never thought, Babyliss Curl actually will have enough to tilt the continent this and other strange things. Moreover, he also knows it is understood. If these things pass out. Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl will face how serious the situation. This thing comes attracted strong. That cloud lan can not be compared. I'm afraid just to one person. Will be the peak of his rank. And with this time Babyliss Curl Secret strength. Certainly not the slightest capacity for resistance. Deep sigh, Babyliss Miracurl smile a cry, suddenly feeling a kind of unreal, originally thought it was only an ordinary family keepsake, but now it is all of a sudden, and that respect for God exists only in legend with the general character relationships. So almost abrupt change, it is not realistic to make some sense Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl. "I know this thing is too big impact, you lunch today, this thing did not happen right, this is something that only three of us know that surely will not leak out. In future, this may be your Tuo round jade has helped. But now. your strength, there is far from enough to come into contact with the mystery of it. so, we let it ring it is satisfied to stay quiet. "Wang look Babyliss UK, Babyliss Pro shook his head helplessly. Babyliss Perfect Curl wry smile and nodded his head, and now, can only be the case. But suddenly pregnant with this and other giant treasure, inevitably he will feel disturbed mind. "Starting tomorrow, you go into the burning day retreat Lianqi tower bar, soon to reach the level of fighting spirit, beating to snatch the" Fall of heart inflammation, "add some success." Medicine with a smile.

Babyliss Pro nodded silent heart touches relieved a little. The so-called bucket Emperor ah what the distance is too far away, he can not climb up. He is now the most wanted to, or fall day burning heart inflammation Lianqi tower. The thing to give their real strength, which is the so-called ancient Emperor Yu Tuo homes tentatively who does not say whether it was the legend of Emperor Tuo round fight left over things. Even if it is, but so many generations grandparents xiaojia none developed what, Babyliss Curl Secret do not believe they just wondering about, is able to study thoroughly. So, instead of the expected on top of this is simply not sure what the role of Emperor Yu Tuo homes, not as increased strength, the idea to hit the fall of heart inflammation. So, but also more reliable and realistic. "Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, you should cut it?" They Qiaode Babyliss Curl, felt that a little more than a few days ago tyrannical mellow atmosphere, all could not help but asked, surprised. Babyliss Pro smiled and nodded, sat down in the hall, facing Babyliss Pro UK laughed: "? How arena", "a lot stronger, and are kind of in a real battle honed strong, far from those just outside the hospital know the guy than blindly practice, where I mix the four days, fought eight games, five wins and three defeats, in the end also lost nearly twenty days of the fire can be. "Babyliss Perfect Curl nodded, for that arena evaluation touches high. "Oh?" Heard, Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl is somewhat Yaran, even Wu Yu this and other capabilities in the arena can not keep half of the odds ratio, it appears that the arena is really strong gathered ah, it'd have to get him a glimmer of interest. "If you time, you can go to the arena to try, there is a good place temper." Babyliss UK hand into the mouth piece of cake, vague and said: "Then I'm afraid I would rarely go burn refining air tower, and I think it is the arena for me. "Babyliss Pro smiled, Gang Yu speak, but heard footsteps behind him, migraine, saw that it was Babyliss Curl Secret upstairs to go down. Shook his head in wonder, Babyliss Curl that did not stop the movement of the eyes are suddenly a condensate, muffled heart Yiliaoyisheng scared, his eyes firmly fixed on the central stone, like most items.

"Retreat" Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl hear the case, the three halls are a bit of shock, after a moment, Babyliss Pro just asked softly: "? How long time." "Until now break into the eight-star level" Babyliss Miracurl light laugh. "Uh? You did not take long before they break through to the Seven, it wants to break? Even with the help of days Lianqi burning tower, there will not be such a rate it?" Babyliss Curl Secret frowned. "On the first floor or second floor does not have such a speed, but we do not have a green card fire crystal it? Oh, this thing is enough to make us into the fifth floor and even on the practice floor." Babyliss Curl smile. Heard, Wu Yu eyes suddenly stare, said: "The fifth layer, the first layer you do not know the day of the burning towers Lianqi each layer down, Firelight is more forceful and passionate it to you this seven?? big bucket division's strength, at most, in the third floor practice, the fifth layer, it can take at least four stars above the level of the spirit to be able to resist. "aside, Babyliss Perfect Curl is a slight nod, after this period of time the internal courtyard of the familiar she also knew something burning day Lianqi tower. "Rest assured, Babyliss Pro brother can do it, who appeared in his accident, you also appear less what?" Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl hear it, just a little bit startled, immediately Duanqichabei real estate broker, shallow sip softly laughed her for more than two Babyliss Miracurl understand some, but she also understood to Babyliss Curl Secret sex, is not likely to do absolutely no sure thing. Babyliss Curl smiled and nodded, with Firelight Qinglian, he can not have a strong mind and a burning erosion Firelight these for other students, it might be a great obstacle to practice, but in front of him, but it is no less than the delay of half an inch of his footsteps. Slightly pondered a moment, Babyliss UK nodded and said: "the inner court of the Eastern District, which is part of the transaction field, has a lot of strange things for sale, which also includes a lot of herbs, these things are in the hospital the participants themselves in the mountains looking into something, but if you want to buy it, it is the need to 'fire can'. "Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl suddenly heard speak, Babyliss Pro hesitated some doubts immediately turned his head, eyeing the front stalls eighth, but it is some stunned find that the crowd, where it seems like being cut off in general, some came by students, but also like a rabbit in general, rapid channeling the past.

The place that in mind, Babyliss Pro this Paipaipigu, facing three say hello, is a freshman residential areas straight away, and then all the way to the mouth of the inner courtyard facing the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl East to go, this time of retreat, the time is quite long, and in order to allow the greatest degree of success retreat play out, he needs to prepare something. Inner courtyard area, very broad, from the newborn to the inner court, Eastern District, a full half hour of time spent Babyliss Curl Secret, but fortunately this is called a hospital, including trading very popular place, therefore, pass on its way to always coming and going, Babyliss Curl not really, not lost. Half an hour waiting, Babyliss Miracurl stopped at the outside of a very wide area of the square, the square, the establishment of a lot of stone, but this time, the stone platform, but also filled with a dazzling variety of items in stone in addition, the bustling crowd, so that was that hot popularity Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl some raspberry. The trading range into this huge, noisy sound around so that was almost lost position Babyliss Curl Secret stature twist, squeeze the flow of eyes constantly on both sides of the stone items that sweep, with the eyes of glance, Babyliss Pro heart is increasingly surprise, he found that some of the things for sale here, even in no way inferior to some of the major cities Noire domain, perhaps because in the hospital itself, in the vast mountains of reasons, some of its surprising thing and even some stores even Noire domain, are difficult to see. After a lot of amazing heart, Babyliss Curl is to set out to find medicine they need, what he needs, not because of what the high-order refining immortality, so it would not be too difficult to find, after spending an hour after Taobao, medicine he needed, after spending nearly thirty days after the fire energy, that is, almost all the cash. For his heart shrink "Fire can" sighs a lot after, Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl is going to leave this place of being noisy, but it just turned stature, heart suddenly sounded Babyliss Pro voice: "Babyliss Pro UK, in front of the eighth booth, look at the past. "

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